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FAQ – Technical support

How to proceed the function of technical support?

  • If you need advice or just a technical drawing about your existing lubrication application, just drop a request message to our email address and our local college will get in touch with you soon. We arrange your support in a couple of hours.
  • Also you can upload photos of your problem or interest where we could help to improve your production.

Where EuroScale Engineers located?

  • We are in several points of Europe. Think not only for EuroScale engineers but our suppliers also give the best background service all around in Western Europe.
  • If you need site support just ask for a visit and we organize the most efficient consultation and survey.

How trainings work?

  • EuroScale Team provides periodic international trainings in HU Headquarters in every Quarter. Training language is English.
  • For special cases and customers we offer site trainings according to customers’ request, e.g. Heineken brewery has a yearly training program in HU plant.

FAQ – Site installation

How long site installations last?

  • Usually sitework for installing mobile equipments last only one shift.
  • For special applications beside the installation, we need more time e.g. calibrating and train operators for use system.
  • For industrial installations we used to estimate worktime before giving an offer. Each offer has a fixed price that does not depend on final and actual working hours.

What should customer provide for site installation?

  • For every type of installation the conditions required by the customer are specified in advance. We send written confirmation after ordering.

Why do customers prefer turnkey installations?

  • Because EuroScale offers 2 years full European warranty on each system it supports. When installation is divided among several contractors, we can not keep proper responsibility for the result.

FAQ - Price guarantee

What should I do if I have more different offers
with different prices?

  • If you agree the market is like a shop where all details and prices must be shown. If you need best technical support and price just consult us about competitive offers honestly.

How I can reduce price?

  • Basicly we include most advanced technology into our technical content. If our quotation is exceeds your budget, please consult us how to modify the technical content for valuable but feasible offer.

FAQ - Maintenance and repair

How to ask for repair?

  • Go to our website and only click on “Repair request” button on the right, fill the short form and send to us.
  • Send an email with detailed description of fault, if possible please attach more photos of your application.

What is repair cost?

  • Standard repairs we quote on fixed price regardless of the actually spent time of work. Quotation is valid for a machine.
  • In contracted Warranty Plus+ Service the specific cost per machine is minimal.

FAQ - Extended warranty – Special agreement

How long the service contract of EuroScale
Warranty Plus+ Service is available?

  • Standard Warranty Plus+ Service contract lasts for 2 years.
  • In special cases we offer 3 years service contract.

FAQ – Spray nozzles

Is it necessary to have a filtration for my
nozzle system?

  • Yes, it is warmly recommended, because the right filtration eliminates the clogging and enlarge the lifetime of the certain nozzle.

Which filtration do I need for my nozzle?

  • You can use in-line filtration or better to use filter hosing with filter bag or with filter cartridge.

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