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Fire fighting

Fire protection

Monojet and EU Spray offers and supply a variety of nozzles and complete systems for purposes of fire protection.

The most commonly used types in the field of nozzles are the flat jet spoon nozzles and the nozzles which extinguish with watermist.

Depending on where you want to use these nozzles and where you want to install them, different regulatory approvals are required.

Flat jet nozzles

FIRE PROTECTION NOZZLES in accordance with European Union regulations for cooling chemical and fuel storage cylindrical tanks

We supply flat jet nozzleswith different spray angles in stainless steel material quality.

The storage of all flammable liquids is regulated by strict fire regulations. At the event of a fire, the structural stability of the storage tanks will significantly reduce, increase the risk of explosion and, at the same time, endanger the other tanks in the environment. Often try to cool one side of the tank with a jet of water, which, however, further increases the danger as it causes uncontrollable material stresses. At the event of a fire, even the best possible heat removal requires even cooling of the tank, for which the Monojet flat jet nozzles offers the optimal solution.

Our fire protection flat jet nozzles can be used as a mantle cooling nozzle, but only as a construction product with a declaration of performance.

Flat jet nozzles

Type: Flat jet nozzles

Dimensions: 12 (8 l / min), 25 (15 l / min) and 60 (38.70 l / min) at 2 bar pressures

Material quality: AISI316L / 1.4404

Spray angle: 140 ° -160 ° depending on pressure

Connection: ¼ ”BSPT (12 and 25), 3/8” BSPT (60)


Water mist extinguishing nozzles

Water mist extinguishing nozzles are gaining more ground in fire protection systems because, at opposite of sprinkler heads, the nozzle does not release a large amount of water in the event of a fire, but prevents the spread of fire by spraying water with a fine spray.

This is especially important where there are non-reproducible documents (eg library, archives) or even high-value equipment.

Fine water droplets, water spray allows very fast heat removal (absorption), which is very important in fire protection.

The nozzles are located around the body, each with a filter due to the small bore diameter. Each nozzle on the nozzle body a total of 7 hollow cones has a scatter pattern, while the entire scatter pattern is assembled into a full cone.

At the top of the nozzle is a temperature sensor that activates the nozzles on the body when the room temperature rises above the set temperature.

Each part of the nozzle is made of stainless steel (AISI316L / 1.4404).

Water mist extinguishing nozzles

Type: Water mist extinguishing nozzle

Material quality: Brass, nickel-plated brass, AISI303 / 1.4305, AISI316L / 1.4404, Hastelloy C22

Scattering angle: from 60 ° to 130 °

Connection: ¼ ”, 3/8”, ½ ”, ¾” BSP or NPT

Features Filtration: nozzles can be supplied with or without filter

Flow capacity: on request, with temperature sensor or without

Sprinkler nozzles

Sprinkler nozzles are produce a full cone spray pattern with high spray angles, ensuring high surface coverage and preventing the spread of fire. They are delivered as standard with a standard angle of 130 °.

Sprinkler heads are used in many places where fire protection equipment is located.

Available in a variety of spray angles and flow capacities, in acid-resistant, brass or nickel-plated brass material.

SP open sprinkler nozzle

Type: SP open sprinkler nozzle

Material quality: Brass, nickel-plated brass, AISI303 / 1.4305, AISI316L / 1.4404, Hastelloy C22

Spray angle: 130 °, 180 ° or special requirement

Connection:½ ”, ¾” BSP or NPT or on request

Features Volume flow: on request


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Fire fighting

Complete fire protection systems

Type: Complete fire protection systems

Features Tanks, mixers, monitors, foam distributors, fire shields, etc.

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