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Hollow cone nozzles

Fine atomization on the principle of pressure                                                  

With the aid of the hollowcone spray nozzle, a spray pattern is obtained in which most of the liquid is concentrated at the edges of the circular mantle, so that the centre of the hollow spray pattern remains uncovered. 

In the case of hollow cone nozzle, we distinguish two types: the axial and the tangential (eccentric) hollow cone nozzle.

The spray pattern of the exiting liquidfrom the axial hollow cone nozzle is provided by an insert inside the nozzle, called swirling element. The rotating element achieves very fine atomization, but at the same time it makes the nozzle sensitive to clogging, so it is recommended to use a built-in filter in some applications.

In the case of a tangential conical nozzle, the liquid enters the nozzle from the side and, due to the centrifugal force due to the internal design, a hollow cone spray pattern is formed, with a slightly “coarser” droplet size. As there is no swirling element, this nozzle is recommended for applications where clogging must be minimized.

With a hollow cone nozzle, very fine spraying and droplet size can be achieved, all with low impact force. It can be used well in various environmental protection processes, e.g. for air and gas cleaning, a good choice for cooling tasks, or even for gentle cleaning and spraying.

In practice, the finest droplet size is achieved by using hollow cone nozzle after pneumatic nozzle and all this without auxiliary air. The droplet size available with the hollow conenozzle depends on the pressure and the volume flow.

Due to the manufacturing process, the hollow nozzle is mostly available in stainless and acid-resistant materials. This is because the production of a very small hole size, which is necessary to achieve a small volume flow, is often only possible with a manufacturing process where the quality of the stainless material is a requirement.


gas washing, gas cooling, humidification, dust binding, evaporative cooling, tank cooling, coating, gentle cleaning, humidification

Hollow cone nozzle: Axial design

Due to the narrow cross-section of the axial nozzle, in many cases we recommend the use of a built-in filter. Inside the axial hollow cone nozzle is a special insert made by milling, called a swirling element, this creates a hollow cone spray pattern.


Type: MA5

Features: Axial design, with baffle. Small droplet size, wide spray angle. 1/4″ – 3/8″ BSPT male thread. AISI 303, AISI316 and brass materials.

Flow rate (l/min – 3bar) 3,00 – 39,0

Spray angle: 120°, 150°,180°



Type: MA7

Features: Axial design, without swirling element. Fine atomization, less susceptible to clogging. Ideal choice for dust fixing. 3/8″ – 1+1/2 BSPT male thread. AISI 303 and brass materials.

Flow rate (l/min – 3bar) 1,6 – 95,0

Spray angle: 65°,70°, 76°, 80°, 85°


Type: MZ/FZ

Features: Axial design. Absolutely fine atomization, even at low pressure. With built-in filter. 1/4″ BSPT and BSP internal thread. AISI 303, AISI 316 and brass materials.

Flow rate (l/min – 3bar) 3,70 – 7,20

Spray angle: 60°


SP open sprinkler nozzle

Type: SP open sprinkler nozzle

Spray angle: 65° – 180°

Flow rate (l/min – 3bar) 3,70 – 7,20

Material: brass, nickel plated brass, AISI316

Connection: ½”, ¾” BSP

Features: (l/min – 5 bar) 10,30 – 230,00


Type: A

Features: Very fine atomization and compact design, capable of producing droplet sizes of less than 10 µm at 70 bar. Supplied with check valve as standard. Nickel plated brass and SS303 mateials, 10/24 UNC/2A connection.

Flow rate: (l/h – 40 bar) 2,11 – 8,31

Outlet bore diameter: 0,15 mm – 0,50 mm


Type: 3MX/7MX

Features:Some of the nozzle creates a hollow cone spray pattern, and the whole is made up into a full cone, so the 3MX and 7MX nozzles combine the advantages of hollow cone (fine droplet size) and full cone (large area evenly covered) nozzles. Small droplet size, wide spray angle. 1/2″, ¾”, 1″ BSPT male thread. AISI 303, AISI316 and  brass materials.

Spray angle: 90°, 150°.

Flow rate: (l/h – 15 bar) 0,32 – 26,30

Hollow cone nozzle: Tangential design

We recommend using the tangential design in applications where the risk of clogging is increased or clogging must be minimized. At the tangential hollow cone nozzle, the liquid enters the inside of the nozzle from the side, where it follows a forced path without the swirling element reaches the hollow cone spray pattern. Here, alongside the curvesthere is an increased circumferential speed which reduces the risk of clogging.

FA1/FAA1/MA1/MAA1 normal spray angle cone nozzle

Type: FA1/FAA1/MA1/MAA1 normal spray angle cone nozzle

Features: Tangential design. 1/4″-3/4″ BSP male and female threads. AISI303, AISI 316L and brass materials.

Flow rate: (l/min – 3bar) 0,39 – 94,40

Spray angle: 65°,70°, 75°, 80°, 85°, 90°


FA3/FAA3/MA3/MAA3 wide spray angled hollow cone nozzle

Type: FA3/FAA3/MA3/MAA3 wide spray angled hollow cone nozzle

Features Tangential design. 1/4″-3/4″ BSP female and male threads. AISI303, AISI 316L and brass materials.

Flowrate (l/min – 3bar) 0,39 – 62,50

Spray angle 115°, 120°, 125°, 130°

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Hollow cone nozzles

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