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Industrial central lubrication

All about reducing friction, noise and wear with traditional and up-to-date industrial lubrication solutions.

Below you find more of the application where EuroScale provide the best-fit products and reliable services with much experiences. If you do not find your target please contact us for further information.

Cement and Heavy Industry Solutions:

2-line/Dual line Automatic Greasing Systems, Progressive and Recirculating Oil and Grease Lubrication Systems

Steel mill, cement and kiln-mills open-gear lubrication, lubrication on roller-lines and cooling machines. Chain and conveyor lubrication where harsh conditions are and lubrication systems for unloading and packaging areas.

From quarry start until the end of transportation…

central lubrication

Automotive Industry lubrication:

Tools for Fluid Management and Maintenance and Lubrication Systems.

Manual, pneumatic and electric oil and grease dispensers and dosing equipments of maintenance.

Heavy and standard progressive lubrication on automotive machines by processing materials or for transport conveyors.

central lubrication

Paper and Chemical Industry

By paper and chemical industry mostly problem is high temperature and high speed of bearings. To fulfil customers’ machines lubrication requests EuroScale provide the latest technology for oil-recirculation heating-lubrication and the really heavy duty dual line grease lubrication systems.

central lubrication

Weighing of additives in silos or checking product quality by weight is a daily task as the control and monitoring of the incoming and outgoing transports. It is becoming more and more important the weighing-in-process which is done by the modern forklift-scales integrated into company’s ERP system.

For safety of loading and transport EuroScale introduces Groeneveld Greensight Active Safety System with latest radar and human-camera technology to ensure maximum safety of employees and equipments in the plants.

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Tooling Machines

In metal processing and for tooling machines manufacturers most often provide OEM oil lubrication systems but for available and best-fit solutions in spare parts (like oil pumps, injectors etc) EuroScale offers quick delivery of them.

Food&Beverage Industry

Food sector is most sensitive for precise lubrication solutions. One side local standard requires stainless steel parts to be used and on the other hand the used lubricants are specialized.

Progressive and muti progressive lubrication systems feed sometimes more than 2-3000 lubrication point in one plant with the best and economical design.

For logistics of these plants are also important the Active Safety Solutions and in-process online weighing application which EuroScale provides.

Machinery Industry

Machine manufacturers are happy to choose EuroScale OEM support due quick delivery and support of engineering of lubrication systems. Our highly skilled engineers give quick and reliable solution for more of the speciality of automatic oiling or greasing systems of machinery.

The factory built-in loadcells or specialized weighing electronics are also popular choice of electrotechnicians of our customers too.

central lubrication

Chain Lubrication

One of most important but less known lubrication is giving proper oiling for the chains and conveyors. Extending lifetime and reduce maintenance of chains requires the best-fit lubricant and lubrication technology. EuroScale offers many kind of chain lubrication solutions according to the application or to the customer budget.

From simply brush or dripping, progressively to Minimal Quantity Lubrication we have all parts and systems in our range due the connection of several specialized manufacturers.

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Minimal Quantity Lubrication

MQL is one of most important and quick developing part of world of lubrication. The “just-right-enough” philosophy not only for sparing much of lubricant and maintenance but also for less lubricant released into the environment.

The minimum oil-film for tools, sawing, drilling, punching or any processing machine gives the longest lifetime for the parts, much smoother and higher quality of products at the end.

Minimal Quantity Lubrication is really good value of money with fastest payback.

Single Point Lubricators

Single point lubricators and mini-autolubrication systems are first step of automatization in the lubrication fields. Where connection and integration of individual lubrication points is impossible or too expensive EuroScale provide the easy solution by using the chemical or electro-mechanic dispensers.

The cheap but reliable products we offer are the 6th Generation of these products so reliability and operation principles are facing the highest standards comparing to any customers’.

To customize your system for setting up a budget calculation please contact our Experts soon!

central lubrication
central lubrication

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