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Mobile indoor disinfectant

The DesintAir Dry Mist Mobile Indoor Disinfectant is designed to disinfect enclosed spaces most effectively. Thanks to the special nozzles, it reliably disinfects even hard-to-reach places.

DesintAir Indoor Disinfectant is available based on special request with 1,2,3 or 4 nozzles and different sizes depending on the application and size.

Advantages of DesintAir:

  • mobility
  • extremely simple operation and handling
  • automatic operation
  • economical, low disinfectant consumption
  • low operating costs
  • dehumidification in disinfected spaces
  • nozzle head’s height is adjustable
  • dry fog is not conductive, so electrical appliances can be disinfected

The compact mobile device is suitable for fast and efficient disinfection of enclosed spaces – vehicles, residential areas, medical facilities, shops, offices, schools, nursing homes and production halls… etc.

Useful for different types of customers:

– Cleaning and disinfection companies that offer services for disinfection.

– Institutions where all rooms need to be disinfected, eg ambulances, official institutions, schools, offices, boarding houses, hospitals… etc.

– Manufacturing companies, for the benefit of the workers to disinfect production areas, changing rooms, canteens etc.

We only offer DesintAir products, but we may recommend a disinfectant fluid supplier. We accept no responsibility for the results of the disinfection and do not recommend the amount and duration of the disinfectant fluid. Determining the disinfectant fluid and exposure time is the sole responsibility of the end user.

Mobile indoor disinfectant device

DesintAir is a modular system that allows users to use air from different sources or choose from three performance options, see in the catalogue.

The capacity of the pressure tank is 12l but it can also be ordered with a 24L version.

LCD display for easy operation.

The DesintAir mobile disinfection device is based on a head unit equipped with special nozzles.


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