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Spray nozzles is a small component that can comes very important also in car wash process, cause using a wrong nozzle you can have a poor quality wash and consequently lost customers.


Car/truck washing plants are chiefly of two kinds: the tunnel which consists of a track trailing the vehicle and self-cleaning.


In the initial area of the tunnel flat spray nozzles are usually present, like our C1 or MC3, with high capacity: they are fastened on arches by clamps and are used for wetting the vehicle’s body before soaping and high pressure washing. Usually, the spray angles are wide, from 40° to 65°.
Ugelli autolavaggio a tunnel
In the following areas of the tunnel, there are some big roller brushes which rub the vehicle’s body. During this phase, water plus soap is sprayed by means of flat spray nozzles, like our C1 or MC3E, with a spray angle of 65°. Here spray nozzles are also fastened on arches by clamps. But in this case spray nozzles with almost low capacity are needed. Water is at a pressure of 5-6 bar. Otherwise we can find an adjustable arm with only one spray nozzle with a higher pressure (20 o 30 bar). In this case, our HP (High pressure) can be used, directly fastened on the arm, with the aim of cleaning the bodywork and, at the same time, removing filth from brushes. The HP-HHP nozzle type is also used for the vehicle’s under body washing, in plants where this is present. For side frames and wheelhouses washing, full cone nozzles (generally ¼” ) are used. The full cone spray permits an effective and uniform washing. To wash the front of the vehicle where they can remain stuck various insects, have been introduced on the most sophisticated systems high pressure nozzles HP-HHP-needle jet or with very narrow angle-mounted on mobile bars. This arrangement ensures the effective removal of spray of dirt-resistant nozzles where traditional mops and appear to be only partially effective. At the end of the various phases which depend on the tunnel’ s overall length , the vehicle is rinsed by means of a shower made by spray nozzles, usually flat jet because the vehicle is moving. Spray nozzles like our MC3 and C1 are used. In shorter washing plants there are some tubes with clamps made of plastic fastened on them and flat spray nozzles with low capacity (C1, MC3E etc.) for spraying of detergent, at a pressure of 2-4 bar. These clamps with nozzles alternate with high pressure spray nozzles (30-40 bar) well-suited to washing/rinsing (our HP). These spray nozzles are screwed straight to the tube.
Ugello hp-hhp


The utilization of these clamps for the nozzles’ fastening allows a remarkable working saving because it is not necessary to tap the tube on which they are fastened but you can just make a hole. For spreading of a veil of a highly detergent product on the vehicle’s wheels or even spraying perfume inside the vehicle hydraulic atomizers with low capacity are used to spread the product evenly and diffusely. The proper models are CX, MX.


Self-service car wash is formed by a series of parallel trucks each provided with one or two high pressure nozzles. They are used for wetting the car first, then for doping it and at last for rinsing it. Here it is necessary to mount a spray nozzle on each nozzle, such as our HP (see image above) with narrow angle (15 o 25°), to obtain a sharper spray pattern. Vehicles are not dried by spray nozzles but by compressed air through big fans which are at the exit of the tunnel. In both plants washing is made with demineralized or softened water (by a physical-chemical process) so that calcareous marks are avoided owing to vehicle’s drying.


In washing plants, in order to protect reverse osmosis filters, can be effectively used our static line filters or self-cleaning filters.
Filtri statici o autopulenti


Nozzles are mounted in washing tunnels, to wash at side and the wheels. Full cone permits to obtain a uniform and effective washing.


They are used to lay off a veil of an highly detergent product on the wheels or to spray perfume inside the vehicle.
They permit to lay off the product in a more diffused and uniform manner. To be used where only a veil of product is requested, not an heavy rinsing.


They are used for spraying acetylene black on tires. The customer is a supplier of car wash plants and these nozzles are mounted on lances for spraying acetylene black on tires and for brightening up the dashboards.


Used for car washing (distribution of detergent foam).


Spraying of detergents as pre-washing: a fine atomization is needed for a lesser waste of product. Nozzles are used for spraying of perfume. Spraying of deodorizer. The nozzles are extremely cheap and permit atomization even at a pressure of 2 bars (for this reason they haven’t got a diaphragm valve), so without utilization of compressed air. Moreover, being mounted on self-service plants, their low price permits to reduce the economic damage if they should break or be stolen.

This type of nozzle allows to spray additives. Opinion of customers on our atomizers is that they clog less than comparable models of competition.

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