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Spray nozzles are small industrial components that transform the energy of a liquid into kinetic energy. The latter is used to break the liquid into small particles and to disperse them evenly according to the desired section. Euspray has a wide range of spray nozzles suitable to solve any spray problem: hollow cone spray, full cone spray and flat jet. Our nozzles are used in different fields of application and represent a very important role in various industrial processes. The nozzle MC3 and MC3E flat jet nozzles, for example, are widely used for spraying cement clay, ceramic and glass and guarantee an excellent distribution. These types of nozzles are flat jet nozzles for low flow rates and a single body with male connection. In addition to the aforementioned application, they are also used for industrial washes, for the surface treatment of metals, for washing aggregates, cooling and degreasing. For these nozzles, different spray angles are available: 0° – 15° – 25° -40° – 50° – 65° – 80° – 95° -110°. Inside the car wash industry, different nozzle models are used depending on the different washing phases and the choice of the right nozzle is very important: in fact, use a wrong nozzle can cause a very poor-quality wash. In the initial area of ​​the car wash tunnel the nozzles are fixed on arches by clamps and are used to wet the bodywork before soaping and high-pressure washing of the vehicle. Subsequently, always inside the car wash tunnel, the car passes under large roller brushes that brush the bodywork. During this phase, soapy water is sprayed using blade nozzles, such as our C1 or MC3 nozzles, at an angle generally of 65°. In the following area of ​​the car wash tunnel, other nozzle models are used, such as our Nozzle HP – HHP, flat and high pressure jet nozzles, which are directly fixed on the adjustable arms of the system, with the aim of cleaning the bodywork of the car and at the same time remove the dirt from the brushes. The type of HP-HHP nozzle is also used for washing under the vehicle, in installations where this is present. At the end of the various washing phases inside the tunnel, the vehicle is rinsed through a shower with spray nozzles, usually flat like our MC3, as the vehicle is still in motion. Our MC3s are also found in less complex washing systems, where there are tubes with plastic clamps fixed on them and with low-capacity flat-jet nozzles for spraying detergent, at a pressure of 2-4 bar. The CX model is also used in the car wash industry, which is generally used for very fine nebulization of the liquid; in this application the CX model is useful for uniformly and widely spreading detergent products on the wheels of the vehicle or for spraying perfumes inside it. Another application in which MC3 nozzles are used is the paper industry. These nozzles are used for the treatment and application of starch: the latter is used to increase the strength and rigidity of the paper and allows to avoid the spread of ink. The application is carried out by two cylinders and the starch is sprayed with a spray tube on which these nozzles are mounted. Furthermore the manufacturers of road washing machines use MC3 type nozzles for cleaning with small rotating brushes and for vaporization.


In the food and beverage industry our nozzles are widely used.
  • Do you need nozzles to wash fruits and vegetables? Our MC3 blade nozzle is ideal for this operation.
  • Do you need to reduce maintenance costs and improve your production? Our flat spray nozzles with special coating are ideal for this purpose, can be used at low and high pressure.
  • Are you looking for precision and low flow rate with blade jet? MC2 nozzles are the right choice.
For the solution of cleaning problems, the MC3 flat jet nozzles are widely used in 316 and 303 stainless steel. Special materials are also available. The MC3 / MC2 / C1 flat jet nozzle are used where there is a request for a good impact on the surface that we must treat, for example for cleaning the conveyor. The full clone spiral nozzle B9 full cone spiral nozzle with wide internal passages ensures good coverage with low clogging profiles. Special treatments made according to food industry standards guarantee less wear. Hollow cone nozzles type nozzle MA1 and nozzle MA3 are ideal for heating and cooling bottles during the pasteurization process. If you have mounted cone hollow cone nozzles, you can reduce the maintenance in your pasteurization plant by using our cone nozzles with coating. In the sector of dishwasher production, nozzles with blade spraying and with specific designs are used.

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