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Automatic spray guns and atomizing

Spray guns used to spray adhesive aqueous solution in coupling with hardwood shavings in the production of furniture.

The hydraulic atomizing are used in the thermal treatment and seasoning rooms of the wood.

Hollow cone nozzles

Nozzles positioned on the towers of abatement of pollutants that could be released into the atmosphere, as well as a prevention for possible fires that can be created in the forced ducts.

Dust in the processing of chips: in the air there are ash and polluting acids.

Full cone nozzles

Nozzles used for washing conveyor belts.

Speedy jet

Used by companies who make the chipboard panels in the application of precision resin or wax in the mixer, or agents that promote the release of moisture before entering the presses.

Air nozzles

Creation of an air curtain and cooling of the product. 

Removal of dust and debris.

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