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Quarry Access & Management





WEBAPP for Customer Online registration of transport tasks

Trucks/Drivers/Contracts/Customer/Location administration

Traffic Control Modul

automatic flow-control on site

Mobile Equipment Module

management of on-board scales and tasks

Access Module  

for human-free access and departure

Stock Module

for stock management

MIM Management Information Module

reports for managers

Interface Module

for ERP connection

DeliveryNote/Invoice Module

for administration


Goals of EUROSYNCQuarry Management System:

Total human-free automatized fulltime real safe operation in quarry

Increasing human and property protection

Increasing quarry processes and efficiency

Real time accounting and stock management

Quick management decisions with under full control

Reduced operation and human costs


How EUROSYNC works:

Transport company registers transport information based on contract and its capacity:

register trucks for the day of delivery: what material what contract and which truck will be sent to Quarry? QMS sendsentry code to driver on day of transport.

Truck enter to Quarry and if permitted drive onto weighbridge
and drives enters code on Terminal touchscreen Display

Transport information confirmed and system navigates truckfrom
weighbridge to loading area: traffic lights, barriers and LED panels are active.

Loading information sent to Wheel loaders, excavators or belt systems

Correct loading is done into truck and confirmed to system

Truck returns to weighbridge for final and legal weighing – drives gives transport code only

After weighing confirmation delivery note is printed by Terminal

Truck departure and Datamanagementand transmission to ERP and VIR (Management Report Module)


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