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Technical support

In our profession we have most of the experiences due we work with many kind of industrial company and manufacturers.

In case you have a problem we focus on technical support from our engineers, providing technical documentations or local expert advice or trainings.

Creative ideas: we combine our experiences from all industrial segments for your best-deal offer or advice without focusing and pushing only one manufacturer’s product or solution.

Super Safety: Your maintenance team will be best-trained to present high-class performance in your site.

We are fully online: call our WhatsApp, Viber or contact us on most common social media forums.



Distribution of world-wide leading manufacturer brands with their support behind always ensure highest quality of our production and services.


Working with the best-fit and available solutions or alternatives. Handling scheduled and urgent cases and keeping our customers’ priorities.


First is Human and after machine and production. Safety is never a question of time of money. Your safety in priority!


Never leaving work when a there is a little difficulty: our creative teams has the skills in many areas to solve the problem.

How to proceed the function of technical support?

  • If you need advice or just a technical drawing about your existing lubrication application, just drop a request message to our email address and our local college will get in touch with you soon. We arrange your support in a couple of hours.
  • Alsoyou can upload photos of your problem or interest where we could help to improve your production.

Where EuroScale Engineers located?

  • We are in several points of Europe. Think not only for EuroScale engineers but our suppliers also give the best background service all around in Western Europe.
  • If you need site support just ask for a visit and we organize the most efficient consultation and survey.

How trainings work?

  • EuroScale Team provides periodic international trainings in HU Headquarters in every Quarter. Training language is English
  • For special cases and customers we offer site trainings according to customers’ request, e.g. Heineken brewery has a yearly training program in HU plant.

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