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Site installation – full-projects

Site installation – full-projects

We prefer giving turnkey projects covering from first step until finalizing service or installation on site. The high-skilled installer teams provide you professional workmanship to use your system on the most efficient way. Reliability – our service teams have decades of experience from many different segments and able to install the most long lasting system for your company. Safety – no worry about special safety rules our motto is same as yours: “Safety first”.

site installation


Distribution of world-wide leading manufacturer brands with their support behind always ensure highest quality of our production and services.


Working with the best-fit and available solutions or alternatives. Handling scheduled and urgent cases and keeping our customers’ priorities.


First is Human and after machine and production. Safety is never a question of time of money. Your safety in priority!


Never leaving work when a there is a little difficulty: our creative teams have the skills in many areas to solve the problem.

How long site installations last?

  • Usually sitework for installing mobile equipments last only one shift.
  • For special applications beside the installation, we need more time e.g. calibrating and train operators for use system.
  • For industrial installations we used to estimate worktime before giving an offer. Each offer has a fixed price that does not depend on final and actual working hours.

What should customer provide for site installation?

  • For every type of installation the conditions required by the customer are specified in advance. We send written confirmation after ordering.

Why do customers prefer turnkey installations?

  • Because EuroScale offers 2 years full European warranty on each system it supports. When installation is divided among several contractors, we can not keep proper responsibility for the result.

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