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Steel industry

Steel industry

Nozzles are used in many places in the steel industry at different stages of steel production.

In continuous casting (arc or vertical casting), the nozzles are used during secondary cooling. During secondary cooling, we find flat jet and full cone nozzles, and in case of more advanced technologies there are two-medium atomizer nozzles. The nozzles are placed on collectors and the appropriate amount of fluid is specified by the technology.

Cylinder cooling

During the rolling of the steel, the steel plate is directed between the rollers. (stab)

Cylinder stands can be duo, trio (Lauth trio), quarto or sexto roller stands depending on the number of cylinders.

During rolling, opposing rollers must be cooled and lubricated. All this process can be ensured with nozzles.

In these places, the use of so-called dovetail nozzles is recommended, as the parallelism of the scatter form can be ensured for this type.The replacement cycle of the nozzles depends on the water quality and filtration. It becomes necessary when the water consumption of the nozzles reaches a certain level. (= expansion of holes, it means the wear out of the nozzle insert).

The most optimal arrangement is given by the use of 60 ° dovetail nozzles with a rotation angle of 15 ° and a tilt angle of 15 °. Of course, these values are always adapted to the specific cylinder stand.


Reve is the oxidation loss of steel. During hot rolling, the cardinal issue of steel producing is the removal of the shred. The quality of the debris removal greatly affects the quality of the steel.

It also affects the quality of the raw material that can be used in the next solid phase during cold rolling. (how “poppy” is the steel)

Descaling is done with high pressure nozzles. The nozzles are fixed by welding, inside the nozzle there is a filter and a radius stabilizer. The nozzles are fitted with a TC (tungsten carbide) insert due to their high wear resistance.

To measure the impact power of the descaling nozzles, the so-called foot prints are made.


The release of steel from the hot rolling mill can never be 100% free from debris.

Therefore, prior to further processing, the plate is subjected to chemical processes to remove residual debris.

These are plastic (PVDF) dovetail flat jet nozzles. The steel plate is pulled through chemical vats while the nozzles apply the chemical to the surface of the steel plate. The type of nozzles is also a dovetail, as it is important to ensure the parallelism of the scattering shape.

Blow off

Blow-off tasks may occur in several locations in each rolling mill, such as blowing off the emulsion. The multi-channel “comb” air nozzle is often not used for this purpose, as the nozzle would protrude due to its length and the steel plate would knock down. (If there is enough space, a holder can be made for protection.)

Air knives or spherical air nozzles that can be moulded to a weldable stub are used here.

The air blades are available in aluminum and stainless steel material in various sizes and blow-off forces.

Remove emulsion

During cold rolling, there may occurs tasks that require emulsion to be removed from the surface of the plate. This can be solved by washing with nozzles. With externally threaded flat jet nozzle or dovetail flat jet nozzles to ensure adequate overlaps from a given installation height.

CONTESSI products

Contessi manufactures tools for oxygen blowing, bramma cutting and cutting by oxygen for steel industry and foundries.

Also in its product range are various heaters, hose reels, flexible high pressure hoses, shut-off valves and pressure reducers and nozzles.

Contessi is replacer for well-known German brand. It offers a much better price with the same quality and interchangeability!

Contessi’s product range covers the following:

  • Oxygen blower and accessories
  • Oxygen cutting equipment and accessories
  • Heating equipment
  • Equipment for steelworks (hose reel, high pressure hose, gun, nozzle, etc.)
  • Safety fittings, armatures (pressure reducer, safety valve, etc.)
  • Accessories (connectors, brackets, etc.)

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