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Weighing in industry

Total Weighing Solution for Industry with a wide range of static and dynamic scales and weighing electronics.

Portable and low-profile weigh bridges – easy installation

Weighing trucks in/out of Quarry with high precision and lower costs. Portable and movable weighing solutions for weighing Trucks and Trailers’ axleloads and total loads.

Available 6, 7, 12 and 18 metersupto 60 tons!

Weighing Technology
Weighing Technology

Scales for weighing Forklifts, pallets and big-bag for Agri

Scales for Agriculture. Weighing forklifts, telehandlers or silos and belts. Big bags and pallets. Process of dosing based on weight.

Weighing platforms for axle load control or easy weighing of agricultural trailers.

Dosing scales and systems on industrial silos, transport systems

Dosing more ipmortant for production of mixes, pre-materials. Dosing from silos or with belts are easy tasks using latest scales with advanced scales of twares to dose accur quantity of materials.

Weighing Technology

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